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The Cyber Defense Review

Session 1

Combining Recurrence Quantification Analysis and Adaptive Clustering to Detect DDoS Attacks
  • SHA256: 1CB083B580B69FA0BD1352835BAE83CBFD2D78B64DEF568F4DF17CA9CAA65657

The Calculus of Protecting Interstate Competition from Cyber Attack
  • SHA256: 18F0B01A76E2C21EF6EFBAFDAFE4BF5447F9859A26E9CB6BEE2EE83E3CBB51B8

Critical Infrastructure Protection at the Local Level
  • SHA256: 680154F549994A13FE399E55915508F4474B466B02B0A7B22DA6F7FC9271796D

Session 2

Applies computational social choice theory as a framework for new cyber-threats
  • SHA256: DAB2902D5D073233B854214415220D00AD421CA425B7CAB065AC4418517887E8

Predicting enterprise cyber incidents using social network analysis on the darkweb hacker forums
  • SHA256: 6ACB15116544259FACD4A930F9437795CC3D79BFD034B14B4A9C631CEAD28004

Cyber Acquisition
  • SHA256: 9C9CBA431B8E401E399E5C2F80B61B1A311F0677B538FF6CCE1304E5374B8339

Session 3

United by Necessity: Conditions for Institutional Cooperation against Cybercrime
  • SHA256: 32AF484283263FD24C600C516AAFCC39B96AB8F319B0F6EE44AC9CD1253ADC4E

Feed the Bears, Starve the Trolls
  • SHA256: 4EBF4FA7CD98471DD5ACFF4841C636E8AF6EFF1A59C8D3FC457D4247CC07177A

Beyond the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts: Norms of Responsible Nation State Behavior in Cyberspace
  • SHA256: ABDA094B55863C8F7E952DEBAA32210F676173E50261F92F1E5F61818F7CD024

Session 4

A Model for Evaluating Fake News
  • SHA256: 1BFB3F92849CBD77C9F89FD290B094F66D7A881D892B5FF730A536BCCC18476A

Strategic Cyber: Responding to Russian Online Information Warfare
  • SHA256: FC7DA144F2518A78CC8E6FB4EAF5EF72EAAB5B2B03D8C5B46B0D8719F9F1B6D7

Fake news,(dis)information and principle of non-intervention
  • SHA256: 0B5D5C00FD76DFBA618AF86AB93FAC56FE54F71E1EC0003B570D84504C9D1DD3

Session 5

Defense Support to the Private Sector: New Concepts for DoD's National Cyber Defense Mission
  • SHA256: D69C315CE726AF0F984FEB3DE528E36A2FF48B37DDB66FB6A53D0FD977F7D024

Borders in Cyberspace: Stratigive Information Conflict since 9/11
  • SHA256: 04D7131451804B40F505659575CBFE71A25A5B3B9EF523EAADAEE7F9AC8565F5

Persistent Engagement, Agreed Competition, Cyberspace Interaction Dynamics and Escalation
  • SHA256: 2C50BA8AAC92FB8E81AE56858E53A52050071099F61A3A167AE92006809DBD1E