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The Cyber Defense Review

About The Cyber Defense Review

The Cyber Defense Review is a forum for current and emerging research on cyber operations focused on the strategy, operations, tactics, history, ethics, law and policy in the cyber domain. The Cyber Defense Review (CDR) is positioning itself as the leading online and print journal for issues related to cyber for military, industry, professional and academic scholars, practitioners and operators interested providing timely and important research to advance the body of knowledge in an inherently multi-disciplinary field. The CDR provides an unclassified venue for content divided into an online journal with longer more thoroughly researched articles and a blog with short engaging thought pieces to stir rapid discussion within the broader community. We publish original, unpublished, relevant and engaging contributed content from across the community.

The CDR is published by the West Point Press.  You can learn more about the content published by the West Point Press by visiting i’s website at

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Disclaimer: The articles and other content which appear in the Cyber Defense Review are unofficial expressions of opinion. The views expressed are those of the contributing authors and do not reflect the official position of the United States Military Academy, Department of the Army, United States Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, or Department of Defense.