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The Cyber Defense Review Online is designed for quick turnaround of original, unpublished work to facilitate authors quickly reaching the community of scholars, industry professionals, and military personnel with a stake in the cyber operations domain. If you agree to the provisions laid out in the following paragraph, please submit articles to Be sure to include all elements listed in the checklist below.


1. We accept only complete, unclassified, ready-for-publication original works. We will screen them according to our editorial policy (provided below). We are committed to either publishing your work or returning with comment within two calendar weeks or possibly sooner.
2. We will make minor editorial corrections and formatting changes as we post works electronically. We are not staffed for extensive editing. Articles that require major editing will be returned to authors for correction.
3. Registered members of The Cyber Defense Review Online community will be able to comment on journal entries. Comments will be moderated, however, be prepared for constructive criticism of your work.
4. We will always identify you as the author of your work and we do not expect to make money from your work.
5. Please review the editorial policy below for details regarding copyright and pre-publication review of your work.
6. If we decide to publish your work, you will be asked to complete and sign a Contributor Publishing Agreement. If you would like to review this agreement before submitting your manuscript, please contact

Submission Checklist

  • When you submit, please be sure to include the following.
  • Your work in Microsoft Word or rich text format. (No PDFs)
  • Your (and your co authors) by-lines, email address(es) and a brief bio for each author. Three to four sentences is usually appropriate.
    Pictures and other graphics should be included in your document as you would like them to appearin the published article. Use of any graphics must comply with copyright provisions specified in the attached editorial policy.
  • Articles for our online offering should be 1,500 – 4,000 words and include a 200-word abstract.
  • Articles should be fully cited using the Chicago Manual of Style format.
Editorial Policy
The Cyber Defense Review

The Cyber Defense Review accepts articles from across the spectrum of stakeholders in cyber operations to capture thoughts, ideas, and attitudes from beyond the DoD cyber community. We desire input from academia, industry, and government stakeholders, all of whom have a keen interest in our way forward in the cyberspace domain. Since cyberspace is global, we welcome and encourage international participation.

Submissions to The Cyber Defense Review will be screened by members of the editorial board to ensure that they meet the following criteria. Articles should be:

  • Relevant and timely; applicable to the broad cyber operations community
  • Complete and well written, such that relevant content is clear and understandable
    Sufficiently researched and well documented with a clear distinction between previous work and the authors’ contributions
  • Free of significant grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors (Otherwise well written works will be returned to the author for correction and resubmission)
  • In compliance with copyright and pre-publication clearance review stated in the following paragraphs

Copyright law and the proliferation of methods used to disseminate art, illustrations, and photographs without attribution require the Cyber Defense Review to require the identification of all owners of any copyright-protected material.An author’s reliance on fair use of copyright-protected material (including, but not limited to, direct text, tables, charts, maps, illustrations, graphics, and other visual material) is a subjective determination that cannot be made by the Cyber Defense Review.

If an author has developed a manuscript with co-authors, as a condition of employment, or pursuant to a contract (“work for hire”), the author may not be the sole copyright owner. The author is responsible for providing consent to use copyright-protected material with submitted manuscripts.

Authors must guarantee that manuscripts are their original work, necessary permissions for reproduction (if any) are provided to the Cyber Defense Review, and manuscripts do not contain any violations of copyright protection or otherwise infringe upon the rights of others.

In consideration for publication in the Cyber Defense Review, the author grants the Department of Defense, including all official activities thereof, the right to reproduce and use the article for training and other official purposes.


The Cyber Defense Review functions under the public affairs principle of “security review at source.” It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that submitted manuscripts receive proper security review prior to submission. Manuscripts that are not characterized as opinion or historical pieces, or do not discuss.

or entail specific current capabilities or tactics, techniques, or procedures of military units and organizations do not require proof of security review. All other manuscripts must include such proof, signed by the security officer and public affairs officer of the author’s assigned organization.


The Cyber Defense Review considers a manuscript’s substantive accuracy, comprehensiveness, organization, clarity, timeliness, originality, and value to the cyber community in determining whether to publish an article, opinion, or review.

In the interest of clarity, brevity, accuracy, grammar, word usage, conformity style, presentation, and security, the Cyber Defense Review reserves the right to make minor editorial corrections and formatting changes. Any resulting changes to content will be provided to the author for approval prior to publication; articles that require major editing will be returned to the author for correction.


The Cyber Defense Review does not screen articles to fit a particular editorial agenda, nor endorse or advocate material that is published. In fact, the Joint Ethics Regulation prohibits such endorsement.

Rather, the Cyber Defense Review provides a forum for professionals to share opinions and cultivate ideas. Registered readers will be able to comment on published material to further expand the dialog. Comments will be moderated before posting to ensure logical, professional, and courteous application to article content.

Papers submitted for online publication should be between 1,500 – 4,000 words in length, with an abstract (roughly 200 words), introduction, body, and conclusion. References will be provided as endnotes and will be fully cited using the Chicago Manual of Style format ( Be sure to include author names, source titles, publishers, dates, journal volumes and numbers, URLs for online content, and page numbers.